Giving safely to KHSC

Many generous community members have asked about how they can support KHSC patients and staff. We are thankful for the gratitude, but unfortunately we need to take precautions to be as safe as possible.

Here are some guidelines for how to safely give to the KHSC community:

 Gifts for Patients

  •  Gifts to patients from their loved ones are permitted if they are intended for one patient only, are delivered sealed or wrapped, and are cleanable in original packaging.
  •  Must be delivered by their designated family member only on approved visiting days. Please do not use third party delivery services to send food to patients in the hospital.
  •  You can safely send a beautiful holiday gift to a loved one in hospital through the KGH Auxiliary Online Gift Shop. Delivery is free within our KGH site. Shop today by clicking here.

 Gifts for Staff

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept any food delivered directly to the hospital due to strict infection control measures related to COVID-19.

  • To discuss how to safely give donations like this, please contact Lori Faggiani at @email.