Staff Wellness

At KHSC, we believe that living a healthier and happier life is a fundamental reason for our staff to commit to wellness. We recognize that our staff's health and well-being significantly enhance our patients' and their families' quality of care, safety, and positive experiences.

Our goal is to support employees' optimal wellbeing by promoting physical and mental health in the workplace. We provide resources and tools to encourage healthy eating, active living, stress management, and healthy lifestyle practices. We offer a range of programs and initiatives that focus on enhancing mental health, building resilience, and managing stress, all in alignment with the National Standard for Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace. Our comprehensive approach includes workshops, EFAP services, and wellness activities to support and empower our staff. This commitment extends to fostering psychological health and safety, ensuring that our workplace is supportive, inclusive, and conducive to our staff's overall mental well-being.

We are dedicated to creating an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to express themselves without fear of judgment. By prioritizing psychological health and safety, we aim to foster a workplace where every employee can thrive personally and professionally.

What steps will you take today to take charge of your health and be the best you can be? Embrace the tools and support available to you, and join us in our mission to create a healthier, happier, and safer workplace for everyone.

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