Visitor/Family Presence and Masking policies

Masking is currently required in several key areas of our hospital sites, including:

  • All inpatient care units
  • The Emergency Department at our KGH site
  • The Urgent Care Centre at our HDH site
  • The Children's Outpatient Clinic at our HDH site

Additionally, please note that:

  • All individuals will be supported in their decision to wear a mask in areas where masking is not required.
  • Everyone will have have access to masks upon entry to the hospital and in all clinical areas.
  • Staff will wear a mask when caring for patients who are wearing a mask in areas where masking is not required.
  • Caregivers or visitors with infectious symptoms must postpone their visit until their symptoms have improved. If it is necessary for the caregiver (e.g. parent of a child, family of end-of-life patient or caregiver of a patient with dementia) to be present, then the caregiver is required to mask and remain masked upon entry to the hospital site.
  • Infection Prevention and Control Tips for Patients, Caregivers and Visitors