Our mission, vision and values

Our mission

Each care journey can be defined by a series of actions, moments or breakthroughs.

Everyday actions are all about the little things we do to make a difference, like stopping to provide directions in the hallway or taking the time to provide words of support to a worried family. Significant moments are hard to forget – here, that can mean receiving a new diagnosis, welcoming a new baby into your family, or walking on your own for the first time after a hip replacement. Exciting breakthroughs can be life-changing events or being on the team that performed the first surgery of its kind in Canada. The impact of these advances can ripple through entire communities, in southeastern Ontario and beyond. At KHSC, it’s our mission to support our patients, families and each other throughout everyone’s individual and unique journey.  

Our vision

KHSC aims to play a role in transforming our health care system. We can’t do this alone. Strengthening our partnerships, developing a robust quality roadmap, embracing innovation, making groundbreaking discoveries in research, and training the care providers of tomorrow will all contribute to improving the health of the communities and region we serve. With our collective expertise, we can serve as a model for health system transformation.

Our values

At the heart of our values is compassion. We care for some of the sickest and most vulnerable people in our communities. We treat each person with respect and dignity. We do this by caring for the whole person, when and where they need it most. Partnership is at the core of how we work. We empower patients, families and our teams to do great work together, and with our communities. The pursuit of excellence drives everything we do. We will be good stewards of resources while continually enhancing the quality of care, research and education we provide. Research and innovation reflect our courage to try new things, challenge what we know, create new knowledge and transform health care.