The ASSIST Decision-making Guide

An issue is an ethical issue when we encounter conflicting values, beliefs, goals and responsibilities, are concerned that people are not being treated respectfully or are worried about the fairness of a decision, action or policy.  Difficult ethical issues can arise in any area of hospital activity including clinical care, research, management, financial services and governance.

ASSIST is a values-based / principle-based guide that helps you to navigate towards resolution of an ethical dilemma and a clear course of action.  It works by framing an ethical issue and identifying competing values, options and solutions. It’s not intended to find the ‘correct’ answer because often ethical dilemmas don’t have a single solution. But it will steer you through the complexities of making a sound principled decision.

Or decisions tell others who we are and what we stand for. At KHSC, we are committed to exemplifying our guiding principles and values  in all the decisions we make in partnership with our patients and their families.

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