About Laboratory Services at KHSC

The KHSC Clinical Laboratories provide a wide range of highly sophisticated laboratory services and consult on a variety of diagnostic, medical, scientific and technical issues. This includes immunology and molecular microbiology testing for renal transplant patients, and molecular diagnostics on tissue biopsies to support precise and personalized medicine for cancer patients.

The Laboratory Outreach program was originally created to organize the delivery of specimens and the pickup of completed reports from community hospitals and doctors’ offices. It grew into a comprehensive service providing technical, managerial and scientific/clinical expertise in laboratory medicine. High quality and personalized service is supported by a single entry point for specimen drop off and a toll-free telephone number for all inquiries from clinicians, institutions and researchers throughout southeastern Ontario. Performance is measured using client satisfaction surveys and regular frequent interactions with clients to identify and address their needs and concerns.

Licensing, accreditation and quality of service reporting

The KHSC Laboratory is a fully accredited, licensed, academic hospital laboratory. Our laboratory licence is issued by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and classifies us to perform multiple tests. For a detailed look at our licences, please click on the links below.

Requisition forms

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Queens University

Queen’s University Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and the Kingston Health Sciences Centre Clinical Laboratory Services have been long-term partners in the provision of high quality laboratory services, research and education. Building upon a strong and well established relationship, these separate and unique departments of the two organizations have developed an integrated mission, vision and values.

St. Lawrence College

Kingston Health Sciences Centre and St. Lawrence College partner to offer clinical learning space for students of the Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician programs. 

Michener Institute

Located in Toronto, Ontario the Michener Institute partners with Kingston Health Sciences Centre in their Medical Laboratory Science and Genetics Technology programs.