Staying Connected

We know that staying connected with a loved one in Hospital is important for the patient and for their loved ones. We want to help. Here are some suggestions about how to stay connected during this challenging time:

Phone calls

To locate a patient at KHSC by telephone, please call our voice-activated patient locating system at 613-549-6666 extension 2367. To reach a specific care service or department call the KGH Switchboard at 613-548-3232 or toll-free 1-800-567-5722.

Patients are encouraged to bring a smart phone or other device

  • Ensure the device is clearly identified with the patient’s name on it.
  • Update contacts so the patient can easily make a call to you and other loved ones. 
  • Ensure a charger and headphones with a microphone are included with the device.
  • Use a case that can be wiped clean for infection protection.

Virtual Visits

Patients can connect to the free KHSC Guest Wi-Fi and use video apps such as FaceTime, Messenger and Zoom without using up their data plan. 

Send an E- Postcard message

If a patient doesn't have their own email account and you would like to send them a message, you can send an 'e-postcard' to us and we will deliver it to them. Messages received on evenings, weekends and statutory holidays will be delivered to the patient on the next business day. To send a an e-postcard message to a patient, please click here.

Please include the patient's first and last name and room number in the email subject line if you know it. Your message will be printed and a volunteer will deliver it to the patient. If the patient is no longer in our hospital, your message will simply be deleted.

Please be aware that a patient will not be able to reply to your message through this service, so treat your email as if it were a postcard. Also remember as our staff and volunteers will be printing and delivering this message, do not include anything in the message that you would not want someone else to accidentally see. This includes pictures or other email attachments. Attachments will not be delivered.

Order a surprise gift bag 

During this difficult time, the KGH Auxiliary is offering gift bags for a cost of $35 which can be purchased over the phone and will be delivered same-day to patients. Gift bags are available for men, women, baby girls and baby boys. To place your order, call the gift shop at 613-549-6666 ext. 3282. Orders will be taken from Monday to Thursday between 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM. 


PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain a safe environment we are not accepting deliveries of food or care packages (e.g., gifts or flowers) during the COVID-19 pandemic. If a patient has left an important personal device at home (e.g., eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, personal inhalers, cell phone) that is required for safe care, the care team will contact a family member and provide instructions on how to safely deliver the item to the hospital.