KGH Research Institute


KGHRI: Research. Collaboration. Innovation

We are a not-for-profit academic health research institute and a collaborative partner with Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Providence Care and Queen’s University. At KGHRI, more than 350 investigators conduct innovative research across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from the genetic mechanisms of disease to new approaches to end of life care. 


The W. J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research  offers inpatient and outpatient research in a single, in-hospital location. Shared access by researchers from multiple disciplines enables efficient and safe assessment, investigation and monitoring of people involved in clinical research projects and programs throughout the hospital.

Located on Connell 4, KGH site, this 10,000-square-foot interdisciplinary hub provides outstanding opportunities for collaborative R&D into innovative materials, tools and treatments, leading to best practices and improved care.

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