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Welcome to Kingston Health Sciences Centre's strategic planning web page. 

Creating a corporate strategy is a key part of being a high-performing healthcare organization. It allows us to plan for the future, and guides our day-to-day decision making.

This site provides information about our strategic planning process , our current environment and opportunities to get involved and have your say about the future of Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC).  

This will be the inaugural strategy for KHSC, which was formed through the integration of Kingston General and Hotel Dieu Hospitals in April 2017. Our work to create our first plan for the future involves a significant amount of engagement with everyone who works, learns, volunteers, receives care at or partners with our organization. 


It is important that we create a plan that is bold and positions KHSC as sharply focused on delivering the highest quality healthcare, along with leading-edge research and teaching.

CEO Dr. Dave Pichora

Over the past few months, we've spent a lot of time engaging with the KHSC community to define who we are and the role we play in the region. We've talked about our mission and what drives us to come to work every day. We've talked about the values that guide the work we do. And, we've talked about where we want to be positioned in the future. These conversations have laid the foundation for KHSC's inaugural strategy, and I encourage you to explore this website to hear what our staff, physicians, patients and families, learners and volunteers have shared with us. 

In addition to the great feedback we are receiving, there are a lot of other factors to consider such as provincial legislation, the unique healthcare needs of our regional population, and the impact of our upcoming hospital redevelopment to name just a few. On this site you can learn more about these and other forces of change that exist in our healthcare environment which will shape how we think about our plans for the future. 

It is important that we create a plan that is bold and positions KHSC as sharply focused on delivering the highest quality healthcare, along with leading-edge research and teaching.

We want to hear from you. We hope that you are inspired to think big about what we can do together that we couldn't do before, and tell us what you think about our future. 


Dr. David Pichora
Dr. David Pichora signature
Chief Executive Officer, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Defining who we are, together

There have been many big conversations happening across KHSC about the future of our organization.  Landing on the mission, vision and values that define our new health sciences centre has been a top priority since last fall. Since then, all those who work, learn and volunteer at KHSC have been invited—through special engagement sessions and team-level discussions—to weigh in on what will make those mission, vision and values statements unique to KHSC.  


These engagement sessions, paired with an environmental analysis of the organization and the populations we serve, laid the foundation for our new strategic directions. You can read more about this analysis and the draft strategic directions here.

Forces of change

There are many environmental factors to consider as we develop our strategic plan. In addition to defining who we are, here are some of the items that we must remember when thinking about the future of the organization: 

  • Health Information System


    Health Information System

    Communication is essential to delivering a high quality patient experience. Currently, patient care information across our region exists in many different systems that don’t connect or talk to each other, making it hard for us to provide seamless care. We are embarking on a journey to create a new Health Information System that will connect patient information at all seven hospitals in our region.  While getting there will take a significant amount of effort from healthcare professionals across our region, when it is built the system will  support the safe, collaborative patient care we all want to deliver and our patients expect to receive. 

  • Redevelopment


    Phase 2 Redevelopment

    Safe, modern facilities are essential to our ability to deliver excellent care. We are delivering incredible care within rapidly-aging facilities. In fact, we are home to some of the oldest hospital spaces in the country. Phase 2 Redevelopment will replace some of our older buildings with a new eight-story tower housing a new emergency department, operating rooms, labour and delivery suites, clinical laboratories, and a data center. These new spaces will enhance our ability to deliver high quality, innovative care.

  • collaborative care


    Our role

    Care often doesn’t come from only one provider or in only one part of the care environment.  To truly advance the quality, safety and seamlessness of care, healthcare institutions need to collaborate with one another and with patients and families as partners in a system of care. It is important that we define our role within that system, and strengthen our partnerships accordingly. 

  • Minister of Health - Dr. Eric Hoskins


    Provincial legislation

    Patients First is a provincial plan that aims to strengthen the Ontario healthcare system.  It outlines some concrete steps to improve access, connect services, support patients and families through education and information, and protect the public healthcare system in the context of limited resources and the challenges of serving a rapidly aging population. To support the changes envisioned in Patients First, our own South East Local Health Integration Network (SE LHIN) has reorganized care services to better respond to the unique population health needs in different areas within southeastern Ontario.  This will help to facilitate partnerships as we work together to create a high performing regional healthcare system.

  • Our population is aging rapidly


    Our population

    Serving the entire southeastern Ontario population, KHSC is the regional provider of complex, acute and specialty care. With a much older age profile than the provincial norm,  growing rates of chronic diseases and the highest mortality rate in the province, southeastern Ontario faces a challenge to improve the health of our population. Our region is also a predominantly rural, which creates unique challenges related to access and delivery of care. Demand for care is rising and there is work to be done to improve access to care and shorten wait times for our patients.

  • Budget sheet



    It is important that we consider the financial health of our organization, and the healthcare system as a whole, as we plan for our future and the resources we may require. Provincial funding models are changing; despite budget pressures, hospitals must find innovative ways of improving service delivery and enhancing capacity. 

We want to hear from you

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the future of KHSC. This is your opportunity to shape the health sciences center that serves you and your loved ones.

At this stage, we are collecting information to craft the strategic directions of KHSC. Check this page regularly to share feedback on other topics in the future. 

There are a few ways you can share your feedback… 

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