Wayfinding project rolls out new colours to walls around KGH

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By John Pereira

You may have noticed that our hospital is looking much more colourful lately. It’s all part of the hospital’s Wayfinding Project that is looking to make it easier for patients and families to navigate our long and complicated halls.

The colours will indicate that you are crossing into a new wing. Names and wing symbols will be added later this month. The project will focus on levels 0 and 1, as they are the most heavily trafficked areas of the hospital. Signage for Levels 2-10 will roll out afterwards.

To help develop the new wayfinding system, KGH was assisted by a company with much expertise in hospital wayfinding. The project team also held a focus group of over 100 staff and Patient Experience Advisors to help nail down the final colour and symbol choices.

“Already, we are seeing the way-finding strategy working. I have heard staff directing patients to go to the ‘pink’ wall in Armstrong or the ‘blue’ wall in Burr,” says Erin Eardley, Wayfinding Project Lead.